In 1979, Karaman Tekstil has been producing, selling, importing and exporting woven fabrics in the textile sector under the leadership of Ahmet Karaman.

Our company uses all the efforts and possibilities to provide better service to you.
Our company has adopted a philosophy based on honesty, truth, human love and commercial ethics.

Our company is a company that takes the principle not only to take care of its own interests, but also to make mutual interests. It is our first principle to be able to give the best goods and services to you according to the market conditions in today’s competitive conditions.

We always aim to develop products that will respond to needs, to support our customers with different and competitive products, to go beyond original designs and expectations, and to enable our customers to consume our products profitably and rapidly.

Karaman Tekstil is a company which enriches its collections and improves its choices every year by closely monitoring and researching the changing trends and developing functions of the fabric world. Karaman Tekstil shares this pleasure and experience with its valued customers. This close relationship gives Karaman Tekstil significant gains in combining the rising trends of the day with consumer demand.
Since our company was established, it has always been a company that has signed the firsts. They have never worked in imitative mindset. Our company has not been in need of such a mentality until today. We have become a company that is not imitated but appreciates from the market.

We take care of our work and reflect the best of our customers to serve them as a service. It is meticulous that we have always shown the quality and service that is first among our principles.
As a matter of quality, we have never produced goods and services that will meet people as a problem. Being able to stand up in the competitive environment in the market is to act in a manner that does not fit into commercial morals such as abstaining the cost of others, distributing cheap goods and distributing them to consumers, keeping the quality of low quality goods at the same level as the high quality goods, and going to the customers and scolding other companies.
In this article, which we have presented to our valued customers, we share the work ethic of our company and what kind of rules we are working with and share this with you to help you make sure that you are working with a company.